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About ArrivedOK, the International Flight Tracker

If you ever traveled by air, you know what people in an airplane do when it's just landed and ruling to the ramp. Everyone grabs a cell phone to call or send an arrival message to somebody – mother or father, wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, colleague or boss. You probably do it too: “Arrived OK”. It is not very informative but it is very important. Because someone who cares is waiting for it. Or you want to make your colleagues in the office jealous about your vacation in Thailand :)

Then you go to some other country or city – and it is repeating again. And again. And again. Or a company executive returns from a business trip and lets his driver know that he has landed and needs him in the arrival zone in 15 minutes. A message from a landed college graduate is a signal for her Mom to heat up the celebration dinner.

But what if you forget to send the message or you don’t have time? Let’s assume you have a transit flight through China and you're in Beijing airport only to catch a flight to Singapore. You're running late, you have to grab your luggage, clear the customs, and check-in – all these things take quite some time. And while running all the chores you forget to send this important message to your family and friends. Some people get upset. Some start calling you while international roaming calls are expensive, and you don’t have much time to talk. And again, what they essentially need to know about you is this: “Arrived OK”.

Whether you fly to Beijing or Singapore, London or Paris, New York City or Dubai, ArrivedOK makes that a snap and also saves your money on roaming charges for outgoing voice calls and SMS. See how it works and Go to Main page to log-on or create your personal ArrivedOK account

Real-time flight tracking with ArrivedOK - How It Works

In fact, ArrivedOK performs your Personal Arrival Tracking rather then just flight tracking. We track your cell phone in the visiting mobile network when you switch it on upon your arrival. Then we send 'Arrived OK' SMS message to the list of your recipients.

Quick Start

Here are the quick steps for you to make it working.

  1. Register and create a record with each of your destinations and expected flight arrival times (including transit airports, if you want) linking them to your recipient's phone numbers or emails. Enter the text for the notification message. You can edit the record later (but before your next flight arrival).
  2. So you created a schedule of your arrivals and start your trip. (Do not forget to turn off your phone before take off as required by airline regulations). 30 minutes prior to your expected arrival time ArrivedOK will start searching for your mobile phone in GSM networks of your destination country. When you turn on your phone after landing, we will know that and send the ArrivedOK message to your recipients. That's how it generally looks like:

    New message from ArrivedOK.mobi

    John Doe (+14082478825) arrivedOK to Frankfurt.
    Hey, I'm on my way home! Miss U!

Cool, isn’t it? Try it for yourself, sign-up now!

Save Money on Roaming Charges

Not only you can keep your friends and family up to date about your traveling around the globe, with ArrivedOK you can save your money on international roaming charges.

Check it for yourself.

If an Orange UK subscriber makes three 1 minute calls from Singapore to UK (to wife, mother, and boss), he totally pays £4,35.

If, instead of calling, he sends 3 text messages, he pays £1,50.

With ArrivedOk he can do the same for just £0,50. Sign-up now!

ArrivedOK is a Webby Awards Honoree 2009

ArrivedOK, the Personal Arrival Tracker has been selected as an Official Honoree in The 13th Annual Webby Awards in two categories: (1) Experimental & Innovation and (2) Best Use of GPS or Location Technology. The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered that exhibits remarkable achievement. With nearly 10,000 entries received from over 60 countries, this is an outstanding accomplishment for ArrivedOK team.