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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My recipient haven't received a notification? Why?

A: Possible reasons: (a) you probably made a mistake in your recipient's phone number (missed digit, extra '0' etc). Unfortunately we cannot verify phone numbers when you create a record, so be careful, check twice; (b) you put a landline instead of mobile number in your ArrivedOK record, that won't work; (c) the recipient's mobile phone memory is full and the handset cannot show incoming messages until she/he frees up some memory.

Q: What if my flight arrives late? Will my ArrivedOK message be delivered?

A: Yes. Your ArrivedOK message waits when you turn on your cell phone for 24 hrs after your scheduled arrival time. (See also Important Things to Know About Your ArrivedOK Messages to know more about possible 'Wrong Time, Wrong Place' situations and what happens with your ArrivedOK messages when you encounter them).

Q: What if my flight is cancelled and I stay in the departure city? Will my ArrivedOK message still be delivered?

A: No, they will not be delivered to avoid the misleading of your recipients. ArrivedOK will notify you about that. See Important Things to Know About Your ArrivedOK Messages.

Q: What if the weather condition in the destination airport is bad and I'm landing in another city?

A: If you land in a 'wrong' country, ArrivedOK detects that, cancels the message delivery and notify you about that. If the country is OK but the city is different from your ArrivedOK record, the message will still be delivered. Unfortunately, ArrivedOK cannot distinguish cities yet but it is gradually learning. See Important Things to Know About Your ArrivedOK Messages.

Q: My custom message doesn't fit the allowed number of symbols. What can I do?

A: You can free up space by removing your signature: uncheck 'Add name' and your full name from your Profile will not be added to your message. Instead, you can type your nick or your first name as part of your custom message. If you are typing in a national language, you may try Latin symbols instead - with them your message may be twice longer.

Q: When typing my custom message to recipients I get this warning: "You entered text 2xSMS long. Max length is 5xSMS". What does it mean?

A: The same as when you type long messages on your mobile phone; some handsets warn you about that. According to GSM standard, the maximum length of a single SMS message is 160 latin or 70 non-latin symbols. Of course, your message can be longer - 2x or 3x etc single SMS long. In ArrivedOK the limit is 5xSMS. Please note that long messages are charged proportionally as 2, 3 etc messages.

Q: Do you have a version of ArrivedOK that works with my mobile phone?

A: Yes. Go to http://m.arrivedok.mobi for our mobile site.

Q: What is Tripit? How TripIt and ArrivedOK work together?

A: TripIt is an online service that helps people organize their travel plans — flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. To get started, travelers just forward their travel confirmation emails (e.g. e-tickets) to plans@tripit.com. TripIt processes these emails and automatically creates itineraries with travel plans, reservations, etc., which TripIt users can access and share online.

ArrivedOK can read TripIt itineraries and import flight information to your ArrivedOK account.

Q: Which of my TripIt trips does ArrivedOK import?

A: ArrivedOK imports those trips, which contain arrival data (where, when) and are scheduled for at least 30 minutes from now onwards.

Q: How do I remove ArrivedOK application from my TripIt account? Or, in other words: How do I discontinue ArrivedOK access to my TripIt?

A: ArrivedOK appears in your TripIt Settings | Applications. Go there and click 'Remove'.

Q: What telephone number do I and my recipients receive SMS from? How can I be sure it is from ArrivedOK?

A: ArrivedOK uses several network routes and originating numbers for sending SMS to different parts of the world. Here are several numbers ArrivedOK can use: 2765, 27650, ArrivedOk, +79831321173, +79831327610. Yet at the stage of creating a tracking record, we don't know what particular number will be used.