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Important Things to Know About Your ArrivedOK Messages

(see also F.A.Q.)

  1. ArrivedOK service deliver messages to subscribers of GSM/UMTS networks only. ArrivedOK message will not be delivered to landline numbers or those in CDMA, iDEN or other (different from GSM/UMTS) networks. When you schedule an ArrivedOK message, please make sure all your recipient numbers are in GSM/UMTS networks.

  2. Avoid errors in ArrivedOK recipients phone numbers (missed digits, extra zeros in the local number format, etc). Numbers should be entered in full international format, for instance: +14082478825 for a US number. Please be careful as we cannot verify phone numbers when you create a record.

  3. Phone registration in a roaming network is free. Incoming messages, including ArrivedOK notifications (about delivery of your messages to recipients or error messages) are also free in most networks of the world.

  4. ArrivedOK keeps track of your registered and authorized phone numbers only. It's OK to use with ArrivedOK locally purchased SIM cards in a visited country, you just have to register and authorize them first.

  5. Turn off your phone during your flight and turn it back on only after landing. It is required both for your flight safety and for the correct work of ArrivedOK. It is trying to track you around the place and time you scheduled in your record. If you turn on your phone long before (30 min or even earlier) your scheduled arrival ArrivedOK will cancel the messages delivery to avoid possible misleading of your recipients about your arrival.

    Please read the following paragraphs carefully. It describes possible situations when ArrivedOK detects your cellphone in a place and/or time it didn't expect. In all these cases the delivery of ArrivedOK messages to your recipients are automatically cancelled to avoid misleading them about your arrival.

    • 5.a 'Right Time, Wrong Place' Situations

      If, at the scheduled arrival time, you connect to mobile network in a country other than one you scheduled in your ArrivedOK record, the message will not be delivered to your recipients and you will receive ArrivedOK error message.

      Beside hijacking, that may happen when your phone switches on just several minutes before landing: there is a chance that before you land you catch up a mobile network in a “wrong” (meaning unexpected) country or city. For instance, when arriving to Singapore it is easy to find your phone connected to a network of neighboring Malaysia or Indonesia. In this case you will receive an error message and your ArrivedOKs will not be delivered to recipients. In order to avoid this situation, turn off your phone during the flight and turn it on only after landing.

      If, at the scheduled arrival time, the country is OK but the city is different from your ArrivedOK record, the message will still be delivered. Unfortunately, ArrivedOK cannot distinguish cities yet (though it is learning to do that). If you had flew to Seattle but instead landed in New York City (both in the USA), your recipients are still notified about Seattle. We will be able to distinguish cities quite soon to avoid cases like that.

    • 5b. 'Right Place, Wrong Time' Situations

      If you turn on your phone in the expected destination but 30+ minutes earlier than your scheduled time, ArrivedOKs will not be delivered and you'll get an error message.

      If you turn on your phone in the expected destination but 8 hours later than your scheduled time, ArrivedOKs will not be delivered and you'll get an error message.

      Within the 8-hour interval after the scheduled arrival time you can turn on your phone at any time - ArrivedOKs will send messages to recipients. Just keep in mind that they are sent at the moment you turn on your phone. If you have turned it on with considerable delay, like several hours, your recipients, obviously, will be misinformed about your actual arrival time. In any case, it is your decision when to turn on your cell phone during this 8-hour interval and notify your recipients about your arrival.

    • 5c. 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time' Situations

      Your flight has been delayed and you are still in the city of your departure (or in a transit airport) with your phone on. 30 min before your scheduled arrival time ArrivedOK will detect that your phone is ON, send you an error message and cancel the delivery of messages to your recipients.

      Same happens if you forget to turn off your phone before taking-off and it remains on during all your flight.

    If you know that you will definitely not be at the right time in the right place, you may wish to cancel or edit your ArrivedOK record accordingly.

  6. ArrivedOK is a service for air passengers at first place. For the service to function properly, you have to turn your cell phone on and off according to your schedule. As using cell phones on a plane is still a rare service, it is easy to meet that requirement while traveling by air. Unlike that, using ArrivedOK gets more complicated if you travel by train, car, or bus and keep your phone on at all times. You will most probably encounter 'Right Time, Wrong Place' and vice versa situations as described above. We'll be working on extending the ArrivedOK service for the land (and sea) passengers.